When you initially login to your account, you will notice that a Watchlist has already been created for you. This watchlist features some of our most popular products. This preset watchlist will update from time to time, however you will be able to add to it if you wish. 

Watchlist Image 1


From the Watchlist, you will be able to carry out the majority of your trading and research activity. You will be able to access the relevant chart for the selected product. This can be accessed by clicking the chart icon to the left of the Watchlist window. You can view the product information by clicking the product name and view the status of the product (whether open or closed). You will also be able to view the Change, Percentage Change and High/Low of the product. The times of these will change according to the session refresh time of the product. You will also be able to open a buy or sell deal ticket from the watchlist to place a trade or an order. If you have enabled ‘One Click Trading’ the trade size field will also be displayed.

Creating a new Watchlist

To create a new watchlist, simply select ‘Create Watchlist’ from the settings icon. A new window will open allowing you to input a name for your new watchlist. Once you have named your watchlist, you will now be required to select this watchlist from the settings icon. You will be presented with a blank watchlist and will now be able to add products to it. 

Watchlist Image 2

To add a product, either open the Product Search window, or click the ‘Add Product(s)’ button at the bottom of the watchlist. Once you have located the product that you would like to add to your watchlist click ‘Add to Watchlist’. This will then be added to the Watchlist that you have most recently opened. You will be able to add as many products as you wish to your watchlist and can create as many watchlists as you like.

Removing Items from a watchlist

If you would like to remove items from your watchlist, click the ‘Edit Watchlist’ button. You will then be able to click the ‘remove’ icon next to the products that you wish to remove from your watchlist. Once you have finished removing products, click the button ‘Finished Editing’.

Watchlist Image 3

Renaming and Deleting a watchlist

To rename a watchlist, select the settings icon and click ‘rename watchlist’. You will be presented with a new window to allow you to change the watchlist name. To delete a watchlist, simply select ‘Delete Watchlist’ and confirm.

Watchlist Image 4

Trading from your Watchlist

By default your account will not be set for one-click trading. When you click the Buy or Sell button, this will open a new deal ticket ready for you to place a trade or an order. If you would prefer to trade using only ‘One Click’ as opposed to completing the deal ticket, you will be required to select this option from the settings icon. Please read the notification to ensure you are aware of the risks of setting one-click trading on. To disable One-Click trading, click the button and confirm.

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