Getting Started

Once you have logged in to your account, you will be presented with the TradeHub® platform. From here you will be able to trade, carry out research, manage your account and more.

TradeHub® has been designed with you in mind. It is very simple to pick up and is highly customisable.

There are three main sections to TradeHub®; the top menu bar, the botton menu bar and the trading area.


The Trading Area

Upon your first login however, TradeHub® will appear like this. We have created a watchlist for you; this features some of our most popular products. Please see the watchlist section to find out more about creating, editing and removing watchlists.

To the right of the Global Watchlist, is the Getting Started window. The Getting Started window is a quick start guide, detailing the points of how to get trading immediately. You will also be able to access the manual from the Getting Started window.

The Top Menu Bar

We have tried to make TradeHub® as user-friendly and elegant as possible. By using easy to identify icons, you will be able to access all the areas you need swiftly. 

Getting Started Image 2

The first icon accesses the Product Search tool. You will be able to search using the ‘tree search’, text search or a combination of the two.

The second icon accesses the Favourites window. Using this window will allow you to build lists of your preferred products so that you can locate, view and trade them.

The third icon opens your Open Positions and Orders window. When you have open positions and orders they will be displayed here.

The forth icon is for the Tools and Resources.

The fifth icon will open your Account history. You will be able to view your Trade, Order and Transaction History for your account.

The sixth icon will allow you to access the Funds Management interface. Accessing this window will allow you to view all information related to managing your account balance. You can also access the Funds Management window by selecting ‘Funds Management from the ‘Cog’ dropdown on the Account Summary bar.

Getting Started Image 3

To the top right of the platform you will be able to view your Account Summary. The Account Summary allows you to view the status of your account. In this section as a default, you can view your cash balance, your currently open profit and loss, your account value, margin available, margin used and your account liquidity.

Getting Started Image 4

To the bottom right of the platform, you will find three further buttons. You can access the Getting Started section, your account preferences and the logout button.