TradeHub® - highly intuitive and easy to use platform

TradeHub® was created with one person in mind – you. Whether you are an active trader or long term oriented investor, whether you have just discovered the financial markets or you are a pro with many years of experience – TradeHub® offers you a user-friendly and highly intuitive platform that will do its job, namely suit your financial and investment needs.

Empowering you – you can easily tap into the markets and use it straight away without being overwhelmed by a whole bunch of features, design elements and buttons. We have reduced the number of interface elements that you need to deal with, enhancing the usability and your trading experience.

During the development process we have focused on the very latest HTML 5 technology and Javascript- and SVG based Charts. And so TradeHub® emerged, a very elegant and understated platform, with a full range of products, the tools to succeed, easy to learn, intuitive to grasp and effortless to customise – the way you want it.